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Why do I need a wedding planner?

Updated: May 9, 2023

Think about why you want/need a wedding planner.

Maryland wedding planner?

Don't just think of why others hired a planner but why YOU need a planner. What part of the planning process do you feel you need the most support with? Well, that all depends on how you will utilize your planner. For most brides you will find you will utilize your wedding planner as either a designer, a consultant, a manager or a combination of the three. After you com

plete the process of What to do Before you Start Wedding Planning you will have a better idea of your wedding planner needs.

That’s when you start your research to find the right planner, with the right expertise and services just for you. This is a crucial step to the planning process. Take your time to interview multiple planners, discuss the needs and expectations that you outlined in your preparation process and be sure the planner is able to provide the services you’ll need. This blog will help you identify the type of wedding planner you may need to hire. Do you have so many ideas, but don't know how to bring it all together? A designer; also known as a creative stylist, is probably the wedding planner you need. Their top priority is to ensure the aesthetics and atmosphere reflect your vision. From choosing color palettes, décor rentals, and sometimes even the perfect venue; a designer will make sure your wedding looks and feels just right. Need guidance through the steps of the planning process? You want to primarily handle the groundwork of the planning process while bouncing ideas and questions off an expert. A wedding consultant would be right for you. They advise you on etiquette, industry standards, common practices, trends and more. Some even go the extra mile and review your wedding contracts, join you on venue walk-throughs or provide referrals to other vendors. You can think of them as your industry expert. Are you so busy you just don't have the time? Not sure how to find all the vendors you will need. Need help keeping track of all the details? A manager also known as a production or logistics manager will take on those responsibilities for you. After discussing your vision, a manager will take the time to research and identify the vendors you will need to execute your vision. They will keep all the wedding information organized and manage the logistics. This allows you to live in the moments of the wedding planning process and the wedding itself subsequently. Imagine being able to pass ALL those questions from the wedding party, family and friends or vendors off to your wedding manager. Talk about peace. You can choose to not take on much of any of the responsibilities and hire a FULL Planner. A full planner is a planner who has the expertise or team of experts to creatively bring your vision to life and manage all the wedding logistics for you. Taking all that pressure off you. Just share your vision, pay the invoices and follow the schedule as requested. 😀 Finding the right planner to fit your needs can take some time. In the end you have to do what’s best for you and your partner. Whether you will utilize your planner in one or two of these capacities, or you throw your hands up and decide you need a planner to handle EVERYTHING; the decision is ultimately yours. Now you have a better understanding of how you need a planner. Take a look at the wedding planning services MSE offers to see how we can fit your needs.

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