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Engaged, what ​next?

What to do before you start wedding planning.

Newly engaged and thinking about planning your wedding? Still staring at your hand in disbelief? You’re getting married! Seems like everything happened so fast didn’t? Right there in front of everyone, your partner professed their love to you. And now you’re telling everyone, “I’m getting married” You want to know the real shocker? Generally speaking in the next few months or years you will plan a wedding! In an effort to return that grand gesture, you will take the time to plan one of the biggest days of your life. But if you’ve never been married before, what are you supposed to do next?

Well, I can tell you there are a lot of things to do but before you get started you should take some time to prepare for the planning process. Think about how you both want your wedding planning process to look and feel, while considering the things that are most important. Since this may be your first time, we recommend discussing the topics below. Whether you want a small intimate wedding or a big lavish experience, preparing for the wedding planning process is just as important as the process itself.


Here’s how to prepare yourself for the planning process ahead.


  • Communication Frequency
Set limits on how often you will discuss wedding plans. Wedding planning can be stressful. It's important to keep the planning process separate from bonding moments during your engagement. Allow yourselves this time to continue to build your bond, bask in your love and focus on your relationship. For example, no wedding planning talk during date night, that can really kill the vibe.


  • Creative Vision

What do you envision? Determine what you want your wedding to look like, and what do you want your guest experience to be. You may have differing opinions of your wedding theme or wedding style. We suggest you start with colors, locations, time of day and number of guests. Getting these questions answered early will form the baseline to your planning process.


  • Individual Level of Involvement

Discuss how involved you both want to be in the planning process? Will you split the planning duties? Will one of you take the lead? Does every aspect have to be discussed before final decisions are made? Set the expectation now to prevent further confusion.


  • Must-Haves

What is most important to you and your partner? Consider things like guest experience, food, décor, location or music. What is most important to you may have a vast impact on your budget and where your planning efforts will be placed. Having this talk early can help reduce stress and friction with your partner. 


  • Contributors

Identifying who else would possibly contribute to your wedding. Will they contribute finances or services? The biggest question to answer: Do their contributions give them the ability to “weigh in” on the planning or decision making process? 


  • Review your Finances

Take a look at your finances and determine the combined amount as a couple you want to spend. Write that number down on page one of your journal and label it “financial comfort zone.” We’ll dive deeper into setting your budget in a later blog post.


Now you're ready to start the wedding planning process. Your first task: Plan a Mini Vacation!


You're newly engaged, and you deserve time to enjoy that space. Before you start wedding planning, set aside some quality time, like a mini-vacation or staycation. And remember, no wedding talk during date night and quality time! Let go of the stresses of life and feed your connection. Indulge in bonding activities and let your love charge your relationship. If you decide to hire a wedding planner to take on much of the work, it should make it easier for you to create this quality time.


You’re going to need that connection to make the decision on all of the details for your BIG DAY!


Once you have covered all of these topics. Visit my website, complete the inquiry form and download my free guide & checklist, to select the perfect venue for your wedding. I will be in touch soon. 

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