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Belmont Country Club Weddings: A Guide to Hosting Your Dream Day in Ashburn, Virginia

Updated: Feb 27

Winter Weddings at Belmont Country Club in Virginia

Couple at their winter wedding at Belmond Country Club in Ashburn Virginia

To say newly engaged Brandi and Ryan’s planning consultation immediately brought joy to MSE would be an understatement. Their desire was to produce a winter themed wedding at The Belmont Country Club in Ashburn, VA. The venue tells a story all on its own on a normal day; grand and luxurious.

With historic charm, including a grand staircase, gorgeous landscape views, and an unforgettable outdoor garden ceremony space surrounded by mesmerizing floral blooming in the warmer months. The bonus of adding a winter theme was sure to turn their magical day into a romantic fairytale on the picturesque backdrop of The Belmont Country Club.


A winter weddings at Belmont Country Club in Virginia.

In this blog post, we’ll take you on a journey of Brandi and Ryan’s wedding day and highlight the best features of this exquisite venue that made it the perfect setting for a winter wedding in Ashburn Virginia.

Festive Decorations:

The couple was pleasantly surprised as soon as they stepped into Belmont Country Club, where they were greeted by enchanting Christmas decorations that set the tone for the entire celebration. From twinkling fairy lights to beautifully adorned Christmas trees, every corner of the venue was transformed into a winter wonderland, creating a romantic and festive atmosphere.

Ample Gorgeous Spaces

  • The Grand Ballroom is the crown jewel of the Belmont Country Club with high ceilings, sparkling chandeliers, and neutral color tones that exude opulence. The ballroom can seat up to 200 guests and has a ton of windows that show off the gorgeous views. The magic of the ballroom extended to the ballroom balcony overlooking the serene front lawn and a terrace adorned with bistro lights that converted this space into a dreamy winter fairy tale setting, especially under the night sky. The Grand Ballroom set the stage for a sophisticated and grand celebration. Imagine dancing the night away with your loved ones in this exquisite indoor/outdoor space, creating a scene straight out of a winter wonderland..

  • The Flora Lee Bridal Suite was a dream come true for our bride-to-be. Spacious and flooded with natural light, it provides the perfect backdrop for stunning getting-ready photos. The attached large full bathroom added a touch of luxury. What set it apart was the option to request food, drinks, and champagne to be provided in this space, ensuring a pampered and enjoyable pre-wedding experience.

Belmont bay country club bridal gown hanging in bathroom.

Belmont Country Club Wedding bride posing in the Edward McLean Conference Room

  • Adjacent to the bridal suite, the Edward McLean Conference Room offered versatility for our event. Whether used for additional photos or as a location for food and beverages, this room seamlessly complimented the bridal suite. Its proximity allowed for a smooth transition between different aspects of the celebration.

  • The groom's suite takes on a sleek and cool vibe in the George Kephart Billiard Room. The pool table provided a stylish backdrop for memorable photos, and the room offered a sophisticated atmosphere for the groom and his party to relax and prepare for the big day.

Belmont Country Club George Kephart Billiard Room

  • For moments of tranquility and stunning photo opportunities, the Garden at Belmont Country Club is a hidden gem. Whether you choose it for your first photos, a private moment, or capturing the enchanting sunset, the garden added a touch of nature's beauty to the celebration.

  • Belmont Country Club offers a variety of small rooms perfect for cocktail hour or different activities during this crucial part of the celebration. Each space was thoughtfully designed to create an intimate and engaging atmosphere for our guests.

Additionally, the breathtaking front lawn provides a picturesque setting for an outdoor ceremony. Imagine exchanging vows surrounded by the lush greenery draped in the beauty of Belmont Country Club's landscape—a perfect choice for any couple seeking an elegant and romantic outdoor experience.

Onsite Full-Service Catering & Bartending

One of the key advantages of choosing Belmont Country Club was the convenience of on-site full-service catering and bartending with customizable menus. Brandi and Ryan could rest easy knowing that the culinary and beverage aspects of their wedding were in the capable hands of the venue's experienced professionals. Guests indulged in a gourmet culinary experience with a menu specially crafted for the winter season. From creative appetizers to decadent desserts and handcrafted cocktails, every bite was a celebration of flavors. The customizable menu options allowed our couple to tailor the dining experience to reflect their tastes, preferences, and the diverse needs of their guests. Whether it was accommodating dietary restrictions or incorporating favorite winter dishes, the couple had the flexibility to create a menu that truly resonates with their vision for the day.

Coat Check: 

Belmont Country Club's attention to detail extended to the comfort of guests. The provision of a coat check ensured that attendees could relax and fully immerse themselves in the festivities without the hassle of carrying around coats and accessories. It was a thoughtful touch that added to the overall guest experience especially during the winter month.

Ample Parking:

Parking can often be a concern, but Belmont Country Club addressed this by providing ample parking space. This not only eased logistical worries for the couple and their guests but also contributed to a smooth and organized flow of the event. Guests arrived and departed with ease, focusing on the joyous occasion at hand.


A winter wedding at Belmont Country Club is a truly magical experience, combining the joy of the season with stunning outdoor landscapes, enchanting indoor spaces and the timeless elegance of this exceptional venue. From festive decorations to gourmet delights, every detail was thoughtfully curated to create a romantic celebration that will be remembered for a lifetime. If you're dreaming of a winter wedding, celebrate your love story at The Belmont Country Club, a perfect place to capture the magic of love.

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