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February 28, 2023

How to find the perfect wedding venue. 

You’ve prepared yourselves for the planning process and discussed your budget. Now it's time to make a decision that will set the stage for the ENTIRE wedding celebration; secure a venue! But how do you choose? What should you ask before you sign the contract? The venue is usually the one of the largest pieces of your wedding budget so choosing wisely is important.


There are so many different types of wedding venues to choose from. Depending on the area the list can be endless and very overwhelming. Located in the Washington, D.C. metropolitan area, our local clients' venue options are vast. From parks to hotels, historical buildings to convention centers and so much more.


With so many options available, the venue search process can be daunting. We suggest you prepare for the search by referring back to your notes on your vision to narrow down your options. What is your desired wedding style? The style of your wedding will help determine the type of venue you select.





February 13, 2023

How to determine my wedding budget.

Have you been loving our new blog as much as we have? At My Stylish Event, we launched our new blog just a few weeks ago and have already talked about what steps to take before planning a wedding and why you need a wedding planner. We are going to tackle one of the biggest questions we get asked as wedding planners: HOW TO SET A WEDDING BUDGET. Remember, if you need help planning your wedding in DC, Maryland, Virginia (DMV), or beyond, you can read more about our wedding planning services here. If you are ready to save the date (2023 and 2024 calendars dates are open!), the easiest way to get in touch is through our contact form here. When you book our wedding planning services, we will help you create a budget that reflects your wedding day priorities and makes you feel excited about your wedding day. For now keep reading for just a few tips for setting your wedding budget!


When setting your wedding budget, really think about your financial comfort zone. Think about waking up the day following your wedding and saying, “Our (insert amount) was well spent”. That number is your starting point or your financial comfort zone. It’s an amount you can imagine spending (before exploring) without feeling like you’ve completely lost your mind.




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January 23, 2023

Why do I need a wedding planner? 

Think about why you want/need a wedding planner.

Don't just think of why others hired a planner but why YOU need a planner.


What part of the planning process do you feel you need the most support with?


Well, that all depends on how you will utilize your planner. For most brides you will find you will utilize your wedding planner as either a designer, a consultant, a manager or a combination of the three. After you complete the process of What to do Before you Start Wedding Planning you will have a better idea of your wedding planner needs.



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Past Blog Entry

December 19, 2022

Engaged, what next? What to do before you start wedding planning.

Newly engaged and thinking about planning your wedding? Still staring at your hand in disbelief? You’re getting married! Seems like everything happened so fast didn’t? Right there in front of everyone, your partner professed their love to you. And now you’re telling everyone, “I’m getting married” You want to know the real shocker? Generally speaking in the next few months or years you will plan a wedding! In an effort to return that grand gesture, you will take the time to plan one of the biggest days of your life. But if you’ve never been married before, what are you supposed to do next?


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